Tower Capture The Flag

Created for the "Games Design 1" module of my CGSD course as a final assignment, this UT2004 map was created primarily to be a playable map with a strong gameplay element. However, the assignment involved implementing a "reasonable number" of features to help make the map interesting and show we have a strong grasp of games design in UT2004.

As a result, this map has 4 storeys, filled with static meshes, lighting, pickups, jump pads, movers, emitters, projectors and AI pathing. It also has two new textures, which are projected onto "billboards", which are combined with coloured lighting to help mark out which team owns the floor.

The map is best played with between 16 and 32 players, works well with bots and provides a large, diverse playing area to explore and do battle in. Mostly sticking to the Alleria textures and meshes, the map takes on an industrial/tech theme, in varying states of disrepair. The text file in the download has a small "story" segment which gives the map some context and background. To run the map, extract the zip file into an area of your choice, making sure mylevel.utx and TowerCTF.ut2 remain together. Double clicking TowerCTF.ut2 should get the map running with your UT2004 settings.