Spherocide is a game built for the "Advanced Games Technology" module in the final year of my CGSD degree. It lifts enemy concepts and a little code from the second year project "Assignment 2: The Game", but has different levels and is a considerably more advanced game. APIs used are OGRE 1.7.1 (Cthugha), OIS and FMOD.

The game runs in either OpenGL, or DirectX. Included in the download .zip file is a README text file, the executable, all files required for the executable to run, a DirectX 9.0c redistributable for those whose computers don't already have it or a later version, the instructional manual for the game in .pdf format (also linked on the left) and the source code. For full game information, including credits, see the manual.

The game has three levels, each with different objectives, themes and gameplay, as well as four enemies (one turret and three different patrolling spheres). All sounds and music are freely sourced from within the Doom community, and permissions are given for their re-use. Below are screenshots from levels 1 and 3, and gameplay videos of levels 1 and 2 (without sound recorded).