Quicky Maps
(Downloads and screenshots in bottom panel of the page)

Scars of the Wounded Prey

Put together in the space of a month, Quicky1 features a forbidding and detailed Doom 2 techbase environment with ZDoom enhanced slaughter gameplay. As an interesting change of pace, this map only features the pistol, fist, chaingun and rocket launcher as weaponry (with a secret plasma rifle). In the vein of later .WADs, this map has two very distinct difficulty modes - one which is hard in a conventional Doom sense, and an intense, very difficult slaughter mode. Although primarily intended for Single Play, 2 player co-operative is also implemented and balanced on this map for both difficulties.

Coils of the Twisted Tale

This being a Quicky project is more by intent than actual fact, as development was stretched over a year or so by the time it was completed. Taking the novel approach of making an entire episode of roughly 10 maps be one giant map (making heavy use of ZDoom features to give each section its own music choice and title) this map is a well-balanced single player experience, making use of all difficulty settings. Also included in the download for this .WAD is a bonus text file with a brief story tying Scourge, Warpzone, Scars of the Wounded Prey and this together with the main Doom IWADs.

Justice - Infernal Mechanics

Originally created in little over a week, making use of resources I'd already made or collected, this map plays with selective weaponry again, only making use of Justice - a "holy sword" (more of a scythe after it was updated) - and the rocket launcher (with a secret Serious Bomb) to battle in a variety of environments against monsters from Doom, Scourge, Warpzone and White Light, plus a few additions. Single Player only, with no difficulty modes, this project makes strong use of ZDoom features such as scripting and crouching, having a creepy vents section and a crate which can be positioned anywhere in a room to help you navigate the environment. The download comes with the monsters in their own separate .WAD file, so that they can be accessed more easily for use by other Doom modders.

Claws of the Enraged Beast

The spiritual successor to Scars of the Wounded Prey, this .WAD uses more modern features to properly implement two distinct difficulties - "Tough" and "Slaughter!" - working on the same principles as the aforementioned project. Once again taking place in a large, detailed, multi-themed Doom 2-styled techbase, this map provides multiple routes and approaches to completion and a large number of secrets to keep the player looking around. Again designed for either 1 or 2 players to battle through, this map is perhaps one of the strongest examples of gameplay creation that I've made.

Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab

The 2010 Doomworld Cacowards featured a side article (on page 2) entitled "Still Bored?". This article challenged readers to make a map based on the output of a random .WAD idea generator. My result is a small map playable by either 1 or 2 players, which implements all 5 standard difficulties and should prove a challenge to most players. Given the article this map was based on, the idea is rather tongue-in-cheek. However, the map itself plays much like any of my other works.

Blood Red

A map made in 3 hours, made to fulfill the criteria of a speed map which has one combat area (or room). It is made for limit removing ports and works for 1-4 players in all 5 difficulty modes. As an added twist, only the chaingun and berserk are given as obtainable weapons.