Phobus' Doom Mods
Since November 2005, I've been releasing all of my finished Doom modifications onto the internet as they are completed. These modifications all take the form of partial conversions, changing levels, enemies, graphics, music, sound and much more besides, whilst still requiring a copy of the original doom2.wad to play. They are made for the ZDoom engine primarily, taking advantage of a lot of the advanced features the port provides. It is recommended to always use the latest official release, as it is most likely to be stable and compatible with .WAD files made for older versions.

This section of my portfolio has a listing of released projects (on the left), many of which are grouped into themes or map types (for example, Quicky Projects are any maps released as ph_quik*.zip), as well as a link to a page of projects I contributed to (mostly open participation community projects run either on the ZDoom forums or Doomworld). Below is my most recently released personal project, with a small bit of information and a screenshot, which also functions as a link directly to the page the project can be downloaded from. Downloads on this site all contain one or more .WAD files, and a text file with information about what you have downloaded.

These .zip files have also been uploaded to the /idgames archive, which is the central archive for all Doom engine game modifications. Download links in the contributions section tend to lead to the Doomworld mirror, which also features an anonymous reviewing system (these anonymous reviews are best taken with a pinch of salt).

Latest Release

Blood Red

My response to a challenge to make my best speed map that only featured one combat area and no other rooms. Built in three hours and suitable for 1-4 players in all difficulty settings.