This page is a long list of projects contributed to by me (mostly ZDoom or Doomworld community projects). Projects are added to the list when there is a permanant download for them (usually on the Doomworld /idgames archive mirror), and newer projects are at the top of the list. The projects name serves as the download link, and then a paragraph of information on the project is provided, including what my actual contributions were.

Community Chest 4

Nearly 5 years after the completion of Community Chest 3 (second-from bottom entry on this page) in 2007, the Doomworld forums completed the sequel. Using a texture pack put together before mapping for the project was officially started (which is included as a resource in the download for this project) this 32-map, Boom-compatible megawad takes the player on a journey through various rocky installations into space, cyberspace and all the way to Hell. Quality controls and a long development time have ensured a very enjoyable and polished product that has a sense of continuity along with a wealth of interesting and exciting environments to battle through and explore. Fortunately this megawad contains a better balance of map sizes than its predecessor, so it comes even more highly recommended. My contributions are MAP03, MAP07 and MAP13.

MAYhem 2012 (direct download)

Started by TheMionicDonut on the Doomworld forums as speed mapping event, the goal of this project was for the community to create an entire 32-map, Boom-compatible megawad in just one month. To add further interest to the event, we were given a set of recoloured textures by Nick Baker to add to our maps and four themes to work from, these being "Abandoned Outpost"; "Rocky Laboratories"; "Metallic Hive" and "Hellish Descent". We had 12 maps completed in the end, my contributions being MAP01 and MAP06 (themed as Abandoned Outpost and Metallic Hive, respectively). The map set is Boom-compatible, as intended and is mostly aimed at single player, although cooperative and deathmatch starts are present in most maps. A ZDoom-specific MAPINFO entry has also been added, although this doesn't limit the choice of playing port.

Doom The Way id Did

This community megawad is a full replacement for the original 3 episodes of Doom, designed to be done in the same style as the original levels, but each map distinct enough that it's not just clearly a copy. DTWiD had some of the highest participation in any Doom community project ever, with around 100 submissions made. The very best (and most accurate to the project specification) 27 of these were then selected for touching up and standardising where necessary in order to create an "alternate universe" version of Doom, which was then released to critical acclaim throughout the community. I made E3M6, which houses the secret exit for Inferno (Episode 3).

32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld

The 32in24 series of megawads are themed speed-mapping events that are always credited to "YEDS" (Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software) and tend to have a sense of humour attached. The format and organisers have changed over the years, but this one was handled by Shaikoten. We (the Doomworld community) were given 24 hours notice before the start of the initial phase of mapping, which was a 24-hour period to make 8-player Free For All (FFA) deathmatch maps for Boom-compatible source ports, using the Community Chest 4 texture set. We collectively managed to create 45 maps in this time (rather than the expected 32 map megawad) and this was then compiled into one mapset, tested and polished over 2 weeks. My submissions were MAP25 and MAP40 and were worked on for a collective time of just under 24 hours in total. This project received the 2011 Best Multiplayer Cacoward, based on both the quantity and quality of the maps.

1994 Tune-up Community Project

Started by Snarboo on the Doomworld forums, this community effort focused on the potential of some of the earliest .WAD files. A common trend in 1994 was for a map to be made that had an amazing vision, but fell short due to the technology and inexperience of the times. This project takes those maps and tries to fully realise the vision with the technology available around the year 2010 (the project having been in development from 2009-2011). The download features the original maps used as bases for the work, some individual text files, a comprehensive credits listing and the main file itself. Each map also has a screenshot of the original version as the intermission. My submission is MAP16, which was originally started by Malinku (another forums member) and is based on Vampire 5 by Darrell Bircsak. Received the 2011 Mordeth award for longest in-development project, due to the maps technically having been started in 1994.

Tactical Chainsaw, Stocked Player and Pistol Start Enforcer (direct download)

Open resources for other modders, this is a small collection of modifications under the heading of "stuff".

The Tactical Chainsaw is a weapon mod, which replaces the standard chainsaw with a visually and almost-functionally identical double. This double, however, has an added feature. Using the alternate fire (right click, in ZDoom), the chainsaw is hyper-revved, and the blade fired as a projectile which tears through all opponents in its path. When the blade hits a wall or the floor it comes to rest, and can be picked up and re-loaded into the Tactical Chainsaw to continue use as before. A small number of blades can be carried at once and the reload is time-consuming, but the sheer power makes it a useful last-ditch tool.

Stocked Player simply starts the player off with an ample supply of equipment upon respawning, and is mostly useful as a playing resource on very difficult maps - particularly in co-op sessions where respawning with the previous inventory in ZDoom can prove problematic.

Finally the Pistol Start Enforcer replaces "NIGHTMARE!" difficulty with a "UV Pistol Starts" option, which allows the player to play all maps in a megawad or collection of levels in "Ultra Violence!" but from a fresh start. As a large majority of maps are made and tested using fresh starts, this is an easy way to acheive the gameplay as intended, particularly in community projects such as the ones linked above.

Plutonia Revisited Community Project

Started by Josh Sealy (Joshy) on the Doomworld forums, this project was intended to follow in the footsteps of the original Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment (usually referred to as "Plutonia") and the fan-made Plutonia 2. This entails "short, sharp shocks" with a distinctive architectural and thematic design, usually focusing on fast-paced, tough gameplay with lower numbers of monsters being used in the most brutal fashion possible. The PRCP fully lives up to these expectations with a collection of maps from a wide variety of authors. My own contribution is MAP14. Received a 2011 Cacoward as one of the best 10 releases that year.

Doom 2 Unleashed

Started by Paul Corfiatis (pcorf) on the Doomworld forums as a "fun and easy going" project - this quickly ballooned with popularity into a full 32 map megawad (designed for limit removing ports) with an additional 8 map episode (playable only in ZDoom and its derivatives). The only rules were that it should simply be a Doom2 mod, with the bare minimum of new resources required to give it some identity. Boasting some truly spectacular maps, and some very fun playing experiences, there is something in this .WAD for everybody. I made MAP10 of the main episode.

ZDoom Wars

Another novel gameplay modification, this project is best played in the Last Man Standing gameplay mode of online ZDoom derivative Zandronum. What it essentially does is take the cast of enemies from each Doom engine game that ZDoom supports and turn that into an RTS style team which must be summoned from a first person perspective in order to do battle with the opposition's team of monsters. Monsters are summoned using a weapons-based system, with regenerating mana being what keeps players from spamming everything they can all at once and also introducing a hint of tactics to the whole thing. The enemies from Virus are used to form one of the factions in this game mode, which is where my contribution was. However, the behaviour of monsters from all games is heavily modified to make the gameplay as balanced and fun as possible. The link for this project leads to an FTP hosting service provided by members of the Doom community. The hosted files are for final version 3.2, and at the bare minimum the ZDWars302.pk3 file is what must be downloaded to play this.

Ten Community Project

Another of the ZDoom forums community mapping efforts, this .WAD worked on two separate limits: 1) Playable area is to be limited to a 2048 map unit square; 2) Maps are only to use 10 textures total (making use of ZDooms mixed floor/ceiling and wall texturing). The result is a 15 map Single Player episode (with a 16th map being a secret), and a 5 map episode for co-op (which can also be played Single Player, should you wish). This project bought together a lot of new mappers, as well as some more seasoned ones, so quality varies. It is an interesting mapping experiment, and some maps are definitely very good though. I made MAP05 (5th map in the Single Player episode) and MAP16 (1st map in the co-op episode).

ZPack - Random Maps For ZDoom

This is one of the ZDoom forums community mapping efforts. A collection of 3 themed episodes of 10 maps each; this project pulls together a wide variety of talents to create an incredibly varied mapset. ZDoom features are used extensively in most maps, further diversifying the experience provided. My contributions are E1M2, E2M1 and E2M0 (the secret map of episode 2). Contrary to what the level nomenclature may suggest, this project runs using doom2.wad on the ZDoom engine, not doom.wad or doom1.wad.

ZDoom Catch the Chicken 4.0

ZDoom allows for huge changes to the gameplay in Doom - this particular modification adds a chicken to the map being played, which must be held for a certain amount of time in order to win the map. Obviously designed with Deathmatch in mind, this surprisingly fun project was put together by Cutmanmike and HotWax, who wanted to have a map-pack to release with the .WAD. The request went out on the ZDoom forums, so I submitted my first and only proper Deathmatch level, which takes its place as MAP05 in zctcmaps.wad. I personally enjoy playing the game mode, so would recommend downloading this package and giving it a try with a friend or two.

Too Much Brown Texture Pack

As Doom is quite old, and people have been making maps with its resources pretty much since it came out, the community constantly endeavours to freshen it up with new resources, engines and innovations. The "Too Much Brown" texture pack is a collection of Quake and Quake-esque textures compiled by Tormentor667 which can be used to great effect in Doom levels. I made the demo room that comes with the texture pack download to help show off some potential uses and combinations after he put a request out for mappers to do just that.

Community Chest 3

The Community Chest series of megawads is a long-time staple of the Doomworld community, where 32 maps are submitted by various forum members in order to create a full replacement for every map in Doom 2. In this incarnation, I created MAP18. As the whole megawad won a 2007 Cacoward, I'd recommend all of those who haven't done so already download it and give it a playthrough. Be prepared for a long haul though, as a lot of the maps are huge.


The Sabreblade (or Dark Clink) is an edit of Heretic's Sabreclaw made with ZDoom forum member Bouncy. Aside from colouring the monster black, we've also added a ranged attack and some unusual stealth behaviour to make it a more challenging and memorable foe. The link leads to Tormentor667's Relam667 "Beastiary" entry for the monster. The "Beastiary" is an online resource for Doom modders which contains a lot of community-made monsters.