Action Hero!

For the final assignment in the CGSD module "Games Hardware Architecture and Peripherals" it was necessary to make a top-down, vertically-scrolling shooter, in the vein of Raptor: Call of the Shadows, although theme and gameplay were free to decide. The game was to be made in C#, using XNA 2.0 and is capable of running on both the PC and XBox360 (when deployed).

Action Hero! is a one level game (with another three potential ones planned), which works on the charisma and theming of games such as Duke Nukem 3D. The idea is that you play an action hero, who acheives his missions through over-the-top gunplay, stunts and explosions. The implemented level has the player manning the mounted machine gun on a speed boat, which is caught in the midst of a high speed boat chase with a lot of baddies - the player fights 20 waves of enemies, culminating in a boss fight. There are powerups for health and your machine gun, whilst scoring is based on bullets fired, time, enemies defeated and powerups collected.

The download (37.2MB), features the game files in a folder called "Executable", a readme with play information, controls, credits and a lot more besides and a shortcut for running the game. The PC version is included, which can be played with either keyboard and mouse, or an XBox360 controller if available. The game runs in full screen at the resolution the computer is running at, which means bullets can take longer to traverse the screen at high resolutions, affecting the time taken to play the game.