About Me


E-mail: james@mpcressy.com

MSN (Windows Live): cressyj@hotmail.co.uk

Skype Name: cressyj

Education and Experience

I graduated from the University of Bolton on 15th July 2011 with a First Class BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Software Development. I have over three years experience working with Microsoft Visual Studio (2005, 2008 and 2010) to write programs in C++. I also have some experience in using C# with XNA 2.0 to create XBox360 deployable games.

Aside from XNA, I have also worked with APIs including PhysX, OGRE, OIS and FMOD in my games production efforts. As a part of my course I have developed skills in Software Engineering and also have brief experience with networking and multi-threading. A major part of my course has also been the understanding and application of mathematics and physics, with relation to games.

Outside of programming I have minor experience using 3DS Max to create models, years of pixel art experience in Microsoft Paint and Games Design experience creating levels for Unreal Tournament 2004 and the Doom engine. Doom modification in particular has been a hobby of mine for many years and I have a dedicated site for my released modifications here.

My four portfolio projects are intended to show my range of experience and demonstrate my talent. My CV is available both here and on the portfolio index page for a more official and comprehensive listing of my qualifications, experience and skills.


I am a recently graduated Games Software Developer, currently based near London in the UK.

My major interests are FPS and racing games - especially fast-paced and somewhat more arcade-styled examples. As a games designer I enjoy innovating in my gameplay-oriented productions. As a programmer I am particularly interested in working with games AI to produce enemies that are more interesting to fight. As a result of this I have a strong understanding of steering behaviours and have worked with behaviour trees, node-based enemy pathing, state machines and more. I think a strong cast of varied enemies can really add to a game, particularly when they have clear group identification and behaviour to go with it.

However I have played a wide-variety of games and am interested in expanding my field and experiences by undertaking new challenges and learning as much as I can about Games Programming in general.