Phobus' Portfolio

This is the Computer Games related portfolio of James "Phobus" Cresswell. This site is designed expressly to show what experience I have in Computer Games Software Development and Games Design.

The "About Me" section of this site is my contact information, education, experience and a little more. Also featured on this site is an up-to-date online copy of my Curriculum Vitae (in .pdf format).

For some examples of what I've actually done, the drop-down menu entitled "Projects" has links to my four current portfolio piece projects, which were completed both as part of my CGSD degree and outside of it. The latest completed project is described below, and the screenshot also serves as a direct link to that projects page.

Current portfolio pieces are:

  • Spherocide - a full 3D FPS programmed using OGRE and other APIs
  • Swarming Flies - my Honours project, which investigates the possibility of real-time dynamic obstacle avoidance in a complex, constantly moving group
  • Action Hero! - a vertically scrolling shooter made using C# and XNA 2.0
  • Tower CTF - an Unreal Tournament 2004 Capture the Flag map, set across 4 floors of an industrial tower block
Latest Release


Using OGRE 3D, OIS and FMOD, Spherocide is a fast-paced arcade FPS adventure through three different levels, each with their own unique challenges. The game features custom models, freely sourced music and sound and much more.